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An Atelier is the workshop or studio in which the craftsman connects with the creativity necessary to find solutions tailored to the problems of his client.

With detailed, individualised and creative spirit, we develop projects designed especially for you. From a cocktail for a one-off event to multidisciplinary projects related to the world of bar, cocktails and hospitality in general.

1_Creativity and bespoke development On-time projects:

On-time projects:

cocktail for an event?
The menu for your restaurant?
selection of distillates and spirits for a specific project?
Renewing the menu?
Defining the beverage speciality of a chain of establishments?

We can create a specific and easily applicable product for you.
Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll make it happen.

2_ Starting from scratch

Global projects:

We deliver complete “keys-in-hand” projects.
From defining the concept of the start-up, to the design of your premises including renovations and building work, lay out of production systems, comprehensive training of staff. All the way through to supervision and caretaking of the first service periods. We will monitor all critical points and implement a tracking system that allows you to assess the quality and performance of your business.

So, in addition to having a concept with a point of difference to your competitors, you will know that your business is profitable and safe.

Explore your project, we will create something tailored specifically for you… would you like to get started?

Explain your project to us, we will create something tailored for you… shall we start?

3_ Numbers are (not) complicated

Management and management projects:

There are ideas and establishments that work but do not reach peak performance.
With the Drinks_Atelier productivity and cost control systems, you will be your own auditor and will know what happens in your business in real time. We help you set sales prices, determine and control raw material costs, and establish a sustainable purchasing policy.

If your business is already under way, we will analyse the critical points of your production, study the results with an aim to balance and optimise yields and profits.

4_Industry knowledge and trends
Drink Strategy:

We will get your product to connect with the world of cocktails and drinks in general and optimize your portfolio to obtain peak performance and show you how you can fully utilize the range of possibilities it offers you.

5_Your business uncovered

Mistery Shopper:

Do you want to know what’s really going on in your business and don’t know how?

At Drinks_Atelier we can show you how to objectively analyse the quality of your product and public opinion of your establishment.
This will enable you to identify possible problem areas and set a course to correct them in the shortest possible time.


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